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    Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

    When it comes to trends, the world of digital marketing has witnessed a tremendous elevation. The method of digital marketing that appealed to you just a couple of years ago might seem like the oldest trend in the market today.

    There was a time when posting something on social media was enough to reach out to people and convince them for something. The scenarios aren’t the same anymore. The drastic changes in the digital marketing trends can be owed to the newer technologies coming up in the market very frequently. Here are 10 of the most disruptive digital marketing trends that have taken the market by storm this year:


    #1 Artificial Intelligence

    The hype about Artificial Intelligence (AI) is for real. The technology has a lot to offer to the world in today’s times. With the current market trends, the day isn’t far when AI will be a concept as common as a smartphone!

    AI basically refers to a mechanism, say a computer that can sense and gather facts as well as information through the input provided by human beings. Thus, AI is a machine that performs tasks which used to require human intelligence. The coming years will offer much more in the field. At present, though, AI will be deployed in branches of digital marketing pertaining to advertising, content marketing, and customer service.


    #2 Omnichannel Marketing

    Omnichannel marketing can be closely related to multichannel marketing. The only difference between the two is that omnichannel is more universal in nature. In this type of marketing, the idea is to create multiple touch points for marketing that work together on all the different channels utilized by the customers. The most popular channels other than social media, which people use include:

    • Live broadcasts
    • Press releases
    • Smartphone apps
    • Live Chat
    • SMS
    • Offline events, etc.

    #3 Chatbots

    Chatbots are certainly amongst the top digital marketing trends this year. They are being used up almost everywhere. You can find them on business websites, mobile applications, newsfeeds, and many more places. Chatbots can be utilized in a number of ways. However, their most common use is to answer simple queries or to help a user accomplish simple tasks. Chatbots are slowly emerging in the market in the fields of shopping assistance, self-service, guidance on different operations, etc.


    #4 Video marketing

    Statistics suggest that 85% of the consumer internet traffic would be marked by videos by next year. It is true that video marketing has been in the market for quite some time now, but trends are slowly changing. Businesses and individuals have different expectations and outlooks associated with videos being used as a medium for digital marketing. While some would prefer to opt for professional videos, others like to keep it natural and simple as the ideal strategy. It is all about what suits you best as both have their own reach. Webinars, How-to videos, tutorials, reviews, etc. are the popular type of videos in trend in 2019.


    #5 Programmatic advertising

    Advertising takes up a lot of time and efforts. With businesses expanding and looking out for different agencies to help them out, the advertising market has definitely seen some improvements. Programmatic advertising has certainly become a promising digital marketing trend of the year. It is a process that utilizes AI technology to manage the advertisements on the basis of the targeting algorithms. Automated channels are in high demand for this purpose. It is a blend of big data, automation, and technical expertise.

    #6 Next-generation SEO

    Google, the most widely used search engine, has regular updates on the algorithms it utilizes. It understands and keeps track of users' location, search trends, and much more. Google also states that it now prioritizes fast-loading websites over the slow-uploading websites. Thus, to fit in with the next-gen SEO concepts, the businesses must optimize their digital marketing strategies too. Activities like prioritizing easy user experience, using schema mark-up, optimizing for local search, etc.


    #7 Personalization

    Personalization is sure to appeal most of the customers in today's market. Thinking of it logically, who wouldn't appreciate a personalized shopping experience or customer support? Moreover, there are plenty of benefits to this type of digital marketing. For example, better revenue for businesses, enhanced brand loyalty, better cross-channeling, and much more!


    #8 Voice search

    Voice search has become really popular among the public with great advancements and accuracy in voice recognition facilities. Products like smart speakers are being used by individuals today to place orders online, perform different tasks, etc. Also, the concept of voice search makes long-tail SEO strategy more crucial now. This is simply because, during voice search, people tend to use proper sentences rather than just keywords, which is usually the case while typing.


    #9 Virtual reality and Augmented reality

    Virtual reality basically creates a different, newer environment that is completely imaginative for users. Thus, enhancing their experience with different things. Apart from just world-class gaming experiences, virtual reality is also being utilized by businesses for better marketing. Augmented reality is another great part of it. It is used for placing fictitious objects in the setting for checking out its actual utility before making a purchase.


    #10 Events and experiences

    This might sound a little of the league type of ideas when we talk about digital marketing. However, real-life events which allow people to communicate and build networks and celebrate together can instantly boost up any business's digital marketing efforts. Especially in the case of a younger target market, rather than opting a virtual way, real-life events can be of great help in boosting the businesses.


    Digital marketing is a field which will always bring something new to the table to attract the audience of every business out there. 2020 also has its own share of newer technologies and strategies pertaining to digital marketing to attract the customers and convince them for the businesses. Each digital marketing trend has its own vital points to be taken care of and a type of audience to connect to. The smarter choice is to stay updated with the different digital marketing trends of the market as there are always newer ones coming up!

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